do animals have rights?

what exactly do you define as rights?

rights as a whole is defined as freedom by us humans.
just search up google for the defination of human rights, “basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled”. “Human rights are the rights and freedoms of all human beings”

if this is so then shouldn’t animal rights be ” basic rights and freedoms to which all animals are entitled” and “rights and freedoms of all animals”

do animals have this freedom?

animals do not have rights in today’s society as they are being subjected to life under the beck and call of humans interest. they are not able to make their own decisions and are practically slaves to human beings

by locking and confining animals in the small, stuffy , stinky place called ZOO we are depriving animals of their rights to freedom. so what if animals are given food, water, accommodation and security? if they were back in the wilderness they would still be able to survive and find all these necessities themselves. the animals in the zoo have no say in anything, they can’t just wake up one day throw a tantrum and refuse to be objects of entertainment for humans. they have to subject themselves to watchful eyes of people everyday even if they HATE it. yar so what if there are animal nature reserves in the world? only a small percentage of animals are given the privilege of living in a “free-er” community as compared to those animals forced to call zoo their home. further more animals living in animal nature reserves do not have entire freedom, they are still confined in an enclosed area and are forced to wear tracking devices so as to enable humans to track them whenever needed. animals are hence do not have basic freedom.

the guiding philosophy behind the animal rights movement is that humans are not allowed to interfere in lives of animals any oh how, unless they are forced too. this implies that humans are not allowed to eat animals, kill animals or even rear animals. By eating meat ,wearing wool coats and riding a horse we are already compromising animal rights. one might argue that it’s inevitable to interfere in animals life as animals are part of our diet and sources of survival, and if we do not control these animals, they would attack us instead. But even if we eliminate these inevitable circumstances where we have to use animals in a humanely manner, animals still do not have rights and freedom. why are guinea pigs called guinea pigs?why are guinea pigs described as objects of experiments? scientist uses animals to test for diseases, cures, and safety of chemicals, biology teachers dissect animals to teach students on body parts. do animals have a say in these type of situation whereby their life is on the line? do animals have the choice are they allowed to say no?
NO animals do not have the choice freedom or the rights.

in conclusion animals do no have rights to do anything, they are subjected manipulation and a forced to act to the interest of humans. they have no rights they have no say and they long to be free one day.

do animals have rights?

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