4 Powerful Incentives That Will Motivate You To Run

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I did not always run. In fact, I only started running about three years ago. What took me so long, you ask? Let’s just say the freshman 15 turned into the freshman 25. The summer following my first year of college was not pretty. I realized I needed a serious lifestyle change, and thus begun the summer of running. At first, a mile or two was an accomplishment. As I continued to run daily, two miles grew into four and four grew into six and I eventually hit a half marathon. It was an astonishingly good feeling. My sweat-soaked t-shirts and sore legs were signs of accomplishments. Running not only provided me with a physical outlet, but a mental one as well. Here are a few things I run from:

1. Physical Weakness.

I run from physical weakness. As a person, I strive to be physically fit. Often, I…

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4 Powerful Incentives That Will Motivate You To Run